Privacy Policy

Adventist Medical Center (the “Center”) strives to protect privacy in relation to personal data of every customer who uses our services. The Center and our staff shall, at all times, respect your confidentiality and endeavour to keep all personal data collected, stored, transmitted and/or used in accordance to requirement so required under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance ('PDPO').
Message from the Adventist Medical Center 
26/F, Lee Garden II, 28 Yun Ping Rd, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong 

The Adventist and every member of its dedicated staff are committed first and foremost to providing exceptional medical treatment to every patient, without condition and without exception. We recognize the importance of the protection of patients’ private data, and is fully committed to compliance with the Privacy Ordinance. The policies of The Adventist are under continual review to ensure best practice in every facet of medical service. All medical staff at the Adventist receives on-going training and guidance to ensure compliance with its policies.

For purposes of customer identification and provision of our quality services, you may be requested to provide personal data such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • (a)Full Name;
  • (b)Correspondence Address;
  • (c)Contact Number;
  • (d)Hong Kong Identity Card No. or travel document number;
  • (e)Date of Birth;
  • (f)Gender;
  • (g)Medical Record / History;
  • (h)Patient Hospital Number
  • (i)Education Levels
Your personal data may be used for the following purposes or any purposes directly related to them:
  • verifying your identity;
  • provision of the Service to you;
  • matching (as defined in the Ordinance) your personal data with other data collected for other purposes and from other sources including third parties in relation to the provision of the Service to you;
  • marketing and advertising of any services to you by the Center, its affiliates, related companies, agents, contractors and third party suppliers upon your consent in accordance with the prevailing requirements in the Ordinance;
  • business planning and improving the Service for supply to you, by the Center, its affiliates, related companies, agents, contractors and third party suppliers;
  • processing of any benefits in connection with the supply of the Service to you;
  • analyzing, verifying, enforcing contractual rights and/or checking of your credit, payment and/or status in relation to supply of the Service of the Center and/or its affiliates to you;
  • processing of any payment instructions, direct debit facilities and/or credit facilities in relation to supply of the Service of the Center and/or its affiliates to you, or requested by the Customer;
  • enabling the daily operation of your account and/or the collection of amounts outstanding in your account in relation to the Service of the Company and/or its affiliates, including the use of debt collection agents;
  • enabling the Center to comply with any obligations to interconnect, with other industry practices, or with obligations to third parties or government agencies in relation to the supply of the Service of the Center and/or its affiliates to you;
  • keeping you informed about the Service supplied to you and other goods and services made and available by the Center and/or its affiliates;
  • prevention or detection of crime;
  • disclosure as permitted or required by law; and
  • any other purposes as may be agreed to between you and the Center, including the purposes set out in any written communication or terms and conditions for the supply of specific services.



The Center maintains and executes retention policies of records containing personal data to ensure personal data is not kept longer than is necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose for which the data is or is to be used. Different retention periods apply to the various kinds of personal data collected and held by the Center in accordance with our retention policies.

Your personal data collected by the Center is used only for purposes directly related to our services, functions and activities. Other than staff and agents of the Center, the Center will not transfer your personal data to any unauthorized parties without your prior consent, unless such disclosure is permitted by law.

Personal data may also be disclosed to any person or persons pursuant to any statutory or contractual obligations or as required by court of law, provided such person or persons are able to prove the required right/authority to access such information.



The Center takes appropriate steps to protect the personal data we hold against loss, unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure.

Data access or correction request can be made by post, e-mail and by phone provided hereof:

Address: 26/F, Lee Garden II, 28 Yun Ping Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2782-2202

Upon handling a data access or correction request, the Center will check the identity of the requester to ensure that he/she is the person legally entitled to make the data access or correction request. A fee is chargeable by the Center for complying with a data access request.




By virtue of PDPO, the Center will not use your personal data for purposes of direct marketing without your prior consent or request.

With your consent however, the Center may deliver direct marketing materials in relation to all of our services, promotional package, newsletter etc, to you, through various communication channels e.g. e-mail address, correspondence address, mobile phone number, telephone number etc.

Should you wish the Center to cease using your personal data in direct marketing, you may at any time send your request to our contact aforementioned.



Should you have any enquiries concerning compliance of PDPO, please contact the Center at (852) 2782-2202.