Rehabilitation Services at Adventist Medical Center - Taikoo Place

Our Health and Wellness Center situated in Taikoo Place offers a wide variety of  services. These include Physiotherapy, Occupational, Speech and Music Therapy, Podiatry and Dietician as well as exercise classes. A lifestyle management professional is available for consultation.

Our holistic approach aspires to boost your mental, physical and emotional well being. We also provide you with the tools to assist you to manage your own health. 

Physiotherapy Approach

Incorporates Eastern and Western treatment modalities to accelerate your recovery from injury or illness. Our exceptionally skilled therapists are trained in both traditional and complimentary physiotherapy modalities including acupuncture.

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Physiotherapy Services

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Helps you rebuild your life both physically and emotionally. 

Physiotherapy concentrates on improving physical fitness so that you are able to return to work and activities more easily. It is suitable for anyone who has had a heart attack, or an intervention to clear blocked arteries. Lifestyle education helps to modify risk factors such as high cholesterol or blood pressure. Guidance on diet assists in shedding excess weight.


Sports Injuries

If you are suffering from muscle, joint or ligament sprains and strains, physiotherapy will speed up your recovery. We use a variety of techniques including manual therapy for soft tissue and joints, acupuncture, muscle imbalance stretching and strengthening exercises and postural correction. Electrotherapy may be used for pain relief and to promote tissue healing. Analysis of sporting technique and correction ensures that you can return to the sports activity you love with confidence.

Neck and Back Pain

Pain management using manual techniques such as soft tissue or joint manipulation, acupuncture and electrical modalities are used to alleviate pain. Specific exercises to strengthen the core or stretch tight muscle groups are taught to maintain or promote good posture. Advice on office ergonomics is also an important component to prevent recurrence.

Pre and Post Rehabilitation

Following surgery to the shoulder, knee, spine or ankle an individual graduated exercise program enhances recovery and helps to regain strength, flexibility and function. It accelerates a successful return to physical, sporting and recreational activity.

Oncology Rehabilitation

A progressive exercise program to help to increase your energy levels, improve your mental health and decrease anxiety. If you have swollen limbs caused by damage to the lymphatic system, interventions include manual lymphatic massage, compression bandaging, skin care advice and exercises.

Women's Health

Our physiotherapists are able to assist you with any muscle or joint problems arising on your journey through pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.  These include back pain, blocked milk ducts when breast feeding or stress incontinence after childbirth.

Wellness Programs

  • Health talks
  • Multidisciplinary disease oriented packages
  • Wellness workshops
  • Various exercise classes

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists assist individuals who have difficulty performing their  daily activities such as showering or toileting. These tasks are broken down, so that they become manageable. Strategies, techniques and suggestions for home adaptations are conveyed to individuals, so that they can be as independent as possible. The Occupational therapist is also involved in cognitive training to improve memory and decrease behavioral problems. They also help children with concentration and learning difficulties.


A podiatrist specializes in the assessment and treatment of the feet.  This includes advice on taking care of your feet and recommending comfortable shoes and orthotics (insoles).  Our podiatrist can also treat and alleviate foot problems including: corns and calluses, in growing toenails, verrucas and warts, flat feet and diabetic foot care.

Speech Therapy

Many diseases can affect a patient's ability to understand others and express themselves. Speech therapy can help people who are not able to make speech sounds or cannot speak clearly. These include children with speech delay or learning difficulties. Adults suffering from a stroke or the elderly with swallowing difficulties. Teachers, sales people or singers may suffer from voice strain and  voice therapy is an option for them.

Orthotic Treatment

An orthosis is an orthopedic appliance or apparatus used to support, align, prevent or correct deformities or to improve the function of movable parts of the body.

The Orthotist typically makes insoles to support the arch of the foot or a scoliosis brace to improve the alignment of the spine. Tailor made splints or braces for upper or lower limbs as prescribed by a doctor.

Music Therapy

Music has healing power.  Through the rhythm, dynamic, tempo, pulse, melody, harmony in music, people can be motivated, driven and elicited, both psychologically and physically. Our Registered Music Therapists offers tailor-made programs for individuals in need of professional guidance and support in music therapy. Children with developmental delay or learning difficulties or children or teenagers who have behavioral or emotional dysfunction would benefit. It is also beneficial for elderly clients suffering from dementia or cognitive impairment.


Lifestyle Medicine is “the utilization of evidence-based lifestyle intervention such as nutrition, exercise, stress management and lifestyle modalities in the prevention, management and treatment of diseases and health related problems”. Our registered dietitian possesses Lifestyle Medicine qualifications, who can provide nutrition and lifestyle consultation on various chronic diseases and weight management.  We offer tailor made services, including consultation, follow up as well as e-coaching via mobile phone. 


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